Monday, 17 December 2012


Sometimes it's hard to stand out from the crowd. To make your mark and not have it blend into the background. Sometimes it seems like your wants and needs get neglected, covered up by those of others projecting themselves on you. Well, dear readers, it's time to take a stand and express what makes you unique.

When it comes to fashion, nothing is more unique than a hand picked vintage piece. Though there is one exception. This customised vintage top. The addition of the lace collar has turned this blouse from 'eh' to 'I-must-stop-at-nothing-to-get-this-in-my-wardrobe'. So take the time to find that something extra-special about you. Reinforce it with everything positive and amazing you're known for. (Like pleather skirts, sliver jewellery, Ray-Bans and leather boots.) And you've got an unstoppable (and comfortable) combo set to take on the world. 

Skirt: Ally
Boots: Roc
Rings: Sportsgirl

Photos by Annisa

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